Hi, I’m Meghan.

I’d like to think that the first time I flipped to the Food Network at the ripe old age of 14, I instantly found my life’s calling in cooking. What I think actually happened was that I became irritated with how hungry the delicious- looking food was making me, and the only way to quiet my stomach was to try and cook the dishes myself.

When I went off to college I decided to study Nutrition Science, because in my mind my classes would be like an episode of Good Eats (delicious and nerdy at the same time!). While spending time immersed in healthy choices has had an effect on my cooking- I’ve yet to meet a vegetable I don’t like, and I feel the need to substitute fat-free Greek yogurt into any recipe I can- I still believe that if there is cake in the house it should be eaten for breakfast, and that half of my blood is probably composed of coffee. I live in the Pacific Northwest though, so I think that last part is perfectly acceptable.

Now that I’ve graduated I work/intern at the ranch I’ve been riding horses at since I was in high school. Sometimes I talk about that, and sometimes I post pictures from it, but mostly I’m just happy spending my days doing what I love. I also work part time (read: a lot of time) taking care of other people’s children… Because apparently people trust me enough to do that.

Besides cooking and spending enormous amounts of time working, I also enjoy distance running and dabbling in triathlons here and there (sometimes I talk about those too). I love craft beer, the Red Sox, being outside, and taking pictures of my life with my iPhone, because I’m uninterested in buying a real camera.


Sunrise on the ranch


The view from the top of Neahkahnie Mountain, on the Oregon Coast.

Can you tell I like pictures of sunrises?

Can you tell I like pictures of sunrises?


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