The Best Egg Salad

Ok, I realize that this isn’t exactly the greatest recipe title.

I feel like egg salad is a very un-glamorous and underappreciated meal. However, ask almost anyone and they ate egg salad growing up! And I’m sure they loved it! And sometimes classics are worth revisiting!

Sort of like deciding to watch all of the previous seasons of Mad Men AND Arrested Development on Netflix… At the same time… Because I like to spend my free time really productively.


A friend of mine made egg salad last summer for me with avocado in it, and I LOVED it. But until I opened the fridge the other day and conveniently found a ripe avocado, I had completely forgot about the idea.

When I make a sandwich for myself I usually use two hard-boiled eggs, but with the addition of the avocado it definitely beefs up the amount of filling made. Feel free to eat the rest of it with a spoon. Or give it to your dog because you feel bad for working so much and not being home to snuggle with her… Whichever  you prefer.



2 eggs

1 tablespoon of fat-free Greek yogurt

1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

1/4 of a large avocado

2 slices of your favorite bread

1 medium tomato

salt and pepper


To cook the eggs, place in a medium sauce pot, cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Let boil for 8-10 minutes.

Using a fork, mash together the hard-boiled eggs, avocado, Greek yogurt, and mustard. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Toast your sandwich bread and spread on the egg salad, topping with sliced tomatoes.

Now aren’t you glad you started thinking about foods you grew up eating again??


3 thoughts on “The Best Egg Salad

  1. A) you are the only other person I have come across (besides my mother) who knows how to properly make a hard boiled egg…they just don’t come out right if you do that whole turn off the heat and cover them after they reach a boil thing. reason 490870890 why we are friends.
    B) i just dyed Easter eggs and have been contemplating how to make healthy egg salad since I despise mayo and now I feel like an idiot for not thinking to use avocado haha

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